Does pro-choice care about the

women or the cause?


Andrew Bahn


    I often think about this question every time I see someone who is pro-choice talking about the damage that would be done to women if abortion were illegal again. They tell stories of Becky Bell and others who had illegal abortions and died. They make up horrid scenarios about women having abortions in the back of vehicles, or even on the ground. They will use shock stories about women becoming sterile, and even getting infections that leave them disfigured or physically handicapped for life. Now I have no doubt these scenarios are real possibilities, but I decided to look into this further. What I found was that pro-choice often cares only about the cause and uses the women--instead of having a genuine concern for them.


    Let’s start at the beginning. Norma McCorvey is the infamous Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, and her story is one of lies and is being used by lawyers on a crusade. She was young and was what pro-choice advocates would consider a perfect case for abortion. McCorvey was referred to two young attorneys set out to bringing down a 100-year-old Texas abortion law. Let it be known however that McCorvey would never be able to have an abortion and gave birth to her child instead. Still, the lawyers pressed on in the case and even though this case was supposedly for Norma, she had very little involvement in it.


    We all know what happened in the end; the Supreme Court ruled in a split vote that abortion on demand should be legal. Norma was now a poster girl for the pro-choice movement. She went to several cities and made speeches and even at one time had her own clinic. She was looked up to by the pro-choice crowd.


    Now however, Ms. McCorvey has changed gears and is no longer pro-choice. As a matter of fact she is 100% pro-life and has been baptized as a Catholic Christian. So what does pro-choice think of her now? Well to put it in a nutshell they don’t like her. Furthermore, at every turn they attempt to discredit her. I have heard people say that she changes her story to satisfy whoever is giving her attention. She has basically been played off as an attention seeker that will say whatever it takes to stay famous. Considering Norma only changed her stance one time, I find these accusations to be simply nothing more then attempts by an angry pro-choice crowd to get even. My other question is why isn’t a group that claims to be pro-choice happy with her CHOICE? I mean she chose to become a Christian, she chose to become pro-life. This stands as further proof that pro-choice is only about one choice.


    Another tactic used by pro-choice advocates is the stories of women who have died, or been injured by illegal abortions. They use their stories and claim that this is what life will be like if abortion is made illegal again. They love to tell stories of Rosie Jimenez who died after having an illegal abortion. She is said to be the first “victim” of the Hyde Amendment which says women cannot receive Medicaid funding for abortion. Another story often used is the story of Becky Bell.


    Becky was an underage teen who tried to have an abortion done legally only to discover that she needed her parents permission in order to obtain one. So instead Becky went to have an illegal abortion and died as a result. You will hear all the horrors of those stories and all the parts that support the vision pro-choice groups want people to have.


    Here are my questions. First of all, why didn’t Becky want to tell her parents? What was so bad about telling her parents that she would risk her life and have an illegal abortion? My next question is why was Becky pregnant as a teenager? Why didn’t the pro-choice crowd hammer on knowing whether she had been properly educated or not? Instead pro-choice wanted to make it so that teens didn’t need parental permission for abortion. The public won’t hear any of my questions come from the pro-choice crowd, because they do not help their ideals that they want so desperately to spread. Again, two tragic stories made more tragic by pro-choice using them for gain and not because they had a genuine concern for the victims.


    Now here is where things really start to get interesting. Pro-choice claims that they care about the woman. It is also their claim that pro-life does not care about women or what could happen to them. I have already shown where they will tell horror stories about illegal abortions and the women that died in the process. Here is the kicker though; I wonder why they have not told you any of the following stories:




Theresa Causey who was 17 years old when she went to a clinic to obtain a legal abortion. She died from a perforated uterus and a severed artery.




Denise Montoya who was 15 years old when she had her legal abortion. She would die from severe blood loss caused by a puncture during the abortion.




Sandra Milton, a 28 year old woman who died from a laceration of her cervix during her supposed “safe” legal abortion.




Glenda Davis who was a 31 year old woman who died from severe blood loss after the abortionist punctured her uterus during a legal abortion.




Lillian Dawson was permanently injured during her legal abortion when her doctor ripped out her bowel and intestine.




Kathleen Maki is now permanently numb in her hands and feet because during her legal abortion, the abortionist ordered four staff members to hold her down with excessive force when Kathleen changed her mind and asked that the abortion not be performed.




Robin Simmons needed surgery because of an infection she got from a legal abortion she had gotten. Body parts of her 15 week old fetus were left inside of her and they began to decay and put her in horrible pain. If Robin would not have had surgery she would have died.


    The above seven stories will not be heard from a pro-choice crowd that claims to care about the woman. They don’t want anyone to know that women have died or have been severely injured during legal abortions.


    This is the pro-choice crowd’s oldest and biggest lie. They claim to do what they do for the sake of women. Well then, that only begs the question of why they have not stood up and told the above seven stories along with the countless ones about others who have died or been injured from legal abortion? Those women made the same choice that the pro-choice crowd stands behind. Where is the outrage for these women like the outrage for those who die and get injured from illegal abortion? There will be no outrage from the pro-choice crowd. There will be no memorials on pro-choice websites for a Glenda Davis, or a Sandra Milton. Pro-choice will not tell you those stories because there is nothing for them to gain from those stories. Those stories show the truth that pro-choice has spent years covering up. So I say to pro-choice, I am not buying the nonsense you are selling. Your cause does not have a genuine concern for women. It didn’t have one at the beginning and it certainly doesn’t have one now.


An American Holocaust