In the course of our research when building this page, it became clear that there is widespread disagreement concerning what percentage of Americans are practicing homosexuals. Most estimates (2 to 5 percent) are much lower than claims made by pro homosexual organizations (8-10 percent). However, one decidedly pro homosexual website proclaimed that those who have engaged in homosexual sex may be as high as 50% of America’s male population. This claim asserted that homosexuality in men is so widespread it should be regarded as normal sexual behavior.


    However, when proclaiming the normalcy of homosexuality they also offered the following statistic.


About 25% of male homosexuals are capable of long-lasting partnerships. Casual, shallow contacts with strangers are more frequent; 28% of male homosexuals reported having more than 1000 partners. (1)


    Our question for this site is this. How normal is engaging in sex with more than 1000 partners? 



(1) Because of the graphic nature of the website quoted,  Blow the Trumpet has declined to provide it’s identity. You will just have to take our word for it. 


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