What then are we to say about these things?

If God is for us, who is against us?

Romans 8:31



    B elow are answers to questions we are often asked about Blow the Trumpet and its work. If you have questions not addressed we invite you to ask them. To do so click HERE.


Question: What is Blow the Trumpet?


Answer: Blow the Trumpet is a work dedicated to proclaiming the gospel as a warning witness to all the world. However, its primary focus is to CRY ALOUD and warn the descendents of Israel of the grave danger they are in and the consequences they will suffer if they refuse to turn from their ways and honor the Great God who has so richly blessed them.

Question:  Why did you decide to engage in this work?


Answer:  Although many organizations declare lofty reasons for their endeavor, ours may seem the most unbelievable. The truth be known, we did not decide to engage in this work. God Almighty made that decision for us. We do not make this claim lightly. It is not hyperbole when we declare that we are ambassadors of a real kingdom. Furthermore, we are totally confident that God has commissioned this work to forcefully take an end time WARNING to this world. There are some who claim that they are already preaching an end time warning, however, for the most part their message is soft and has the appearance of an infomercial. Ours most definitely will not. To this end we will take an Ezekiel warning to the leaders of this land as well as the leaders of God’s Church. What they do with it is in God’s hands.

Question: When did your work begin?


Answer: Blow the Trumpet was formally inaugurated in July 2004.

Question: How are you financed?


Answer:  This endeavor is supported by the financial gifts it receives from those who believe in its message and its method. Additionally, contributions are made through voluntary efforts and professional expertise. Those wishing to contribute may contact us.

Question:  In your site you mention “supporters.” What constitutes “a supporter”?


Answer:  A supporter is one who voluntarily contributes to the specified goals of our work. This contribution is not necessarily financial. For additional information regarding the goals of Blow the Trumpet please see: Our Mission.


Question:  Are you a Church?


Answer:  No. Blow the Trumpet is NOT a church. It does not have congregations nor is it affiliated with any church or religious organization. However, we do acknowledge the authority of God’s Church and actively support it through tithes and offerings as well as in service to its local congregations. For additional information see: Who We Are.


Question:  Are your supporters a part of a church?


Answer:  Yes. Virtually everyone who has a direct association with our work is an active member in good standing of God’s church. Their membership in the body of Christ is a very important part of their service to us.


Question:  What is your opinion of “stay-at–home” groups?


Answer:  Under very unique circumstances it may be necessary to keep the Sabbath and Holy Days at home. However, we believe this is one of the most abused practices in the church today. Both the old and new testaments declare that God’s people are to ASSEMBLE on His Sabbath and Holy Days. In the Old Testament God calls it a “holy convocation” (Lev.23:2-3). In the New Testament God’s word warns against forsaking to assemble (Heb.10:25). It is our belief that those who are called according to God’s purpose do themselves and the scriptures great harm by refusing to attend services with their brethren.   


Question:  Some of your website appears political.  What is your position regarding political involvement such as voting, running for office, or jury duty?


Answer:  We believe that the great issues facing the world today are directly connected to man falsely thinking he can decide for himself what is good and what is evil. This is reflected in the countless failed governments he has crafted down through the ages. Our work declares that God is the only True Moral Authority of the Universe.  To proclaim that truth we must address issues of state that go directly to the moral underpinnings of society. With this said, we affirm our unqualified allegiance to the Kingdom of God and the Supreme Ruler that presides over that kingdom. As Ambassadors of that Realm we do not engage in the politics of men in any form.  


Question: Do you believe the doctrinal changes in the Worldwide Church of God represents the “great falling away” spoken of by the apostle Paul?


Answer:  It is hard to imagine what has taken place within the WWCG as anything else. Over nineteen centuries ago Paul warned of such times and today we have the sad duty of witnessing them play out first hand. Furthermore, we believe that what has taken place within God’s church after the passing of Mr. Armstrong is nothing short of SHAMEFUL. However, the scriptures foretold of it and we must respect its pronouncement. With that said, we also believe the road that God’s church has traveled since the death of Mr. Armstrong has been not only difficult but also uncertain. It has tried the faith of thousands who have sought to hold fast to the truth. And although it is difficult it will ultimately work toward a great purpose. 



Question:  Do you really think a group as small as yours can have any real impact?


Answer:  If the Bible tells us anything it is this. It is not the size of the company that brings victory, but strength comes from God. This being the case, we are easily big enough for Him to use for His purpose.



Question:  Do you believe that there is only one true church?


Answer:  Yes. But we also believe that there are many different corporate entities within that church. This is a regrettable fact in this end time. But it is a fact nonetheless. Furthermore, we acknowledge that most of these communities are holding to the true faith, although some not as much as others. The point is that it is not our job to judge. It is our job to WARN. We realize that many will confuse these two behaviors in us. However, we will not.