Remember the sabbath day,

to keep it holy.

Exodus 20:8




Sabbath Confessions

This booklet examines the Sabbath through the eyes of the Biblical record as well as through the eyes of some of professing Christianity's great leaders.  This is an absolute must-read for anyone desiring to know the plain truth about the Sabbath God created and commands us to keep, versus the man-made sabbath of Sunday worship.


Mark of the Beast

The book of Revelation describes an event in which a powerful political leader (known as the Beast) and an apostate religious figure (known as the False Prophet) cause the vast majority of people on earth to receive a special mark. Those who refuse will suffer great persecution and even death while those who receive this mark will suffer the wrath of God Almighty. Just what is the “mark of the beast”?  This booklet answers that question and if you’re like most professing Christians, that answer is going to shock you.





A Sabbath Test

Every week thousands of true believers assemble on God’s Sabbath and honor the King of the Universe, but is it possible that many of God’s children have lost sight of the great purpose pictured by this day? Just how serious are you when it comes to this profound commandment? Do you respect God’s word regarding His Sabbath? Or do you see the Sabbath as YOUR day?