Contrary to what so many believe today, the United States was never intended to be a nation that prohibited the public expression of faith. On the contrary, this country was built by men who had a profound respect for the God of the Bible. These founding fathers saw America as a nation of destiny and a land of promise. Furthermore, they saw an inextricable link between faith in God and the success of the republic.


    It is doubtful that any child attending a public school will ever hear about the profound reverence these patriots had for their Creator. This is because their words have been censured by America’s courts. Their voices have been silenced and their genuine expressions of faith have been hidden by those who believe that God and government are mortal enemies. The words that follow illustrate that these great architects of our government thought quite differently.


    This page of our website contains the names of some of the premier leaders of our nation and what they thought about faith, the Bible and God. To read what these champions of liberty truly felt about God and country click the appropriate name.


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In God We Trust